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Debit / credit card processors API

Payment Gateways

We can integrate with almost any API for online payment processing, either for unique payment links or for online checkout carts. To date, we have worked with online payment processors such as: PayPal, Stripe, PayStack, RazorPay, PagSegura and Iyzico.

Shipping API

Fast Couriers

As we have built several custom made shipping platforms, we are highly knowledgeable in working with DHL, DPD, Fan Courier, Cargus, or other couriers.

We have worked with some of the biggest courier companies in Europe and in the world. If you need a courier integration for online stores or ERP system,    do not hesitate to contact us.

API Integration for Fast Couriers | Kent Coders
API Integration | Kent Coders


Other API Integrations

Imagine API Integrations being a popular spoken language, all the coders speak the same language. Regardless of your API type, it will work in a similar way to the API for payment gateways or fast courier API. We can offer you an API integration service or build a new one for you without spending a fortune.

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