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It’s never been easier to start a software business in your own country. With Kent Coders franchise, you can have a white-label business or you can be part of our worldwide adventure.

During the last several years we’ve also spent time and money in building a range of great platforms varying from eCommerce and dropshipping to logistics. We are topping up our franchise offer with some other great business opportunities to explore in your country, simply read through our pros and cons page for more details.


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Become a Kent Coder Franchisee in your country and embark on our journey to conquer the world


Experienced team of software coders

Put it this way, there’s almost nothing that you can come up with that we haven’t built yet or we’ve made something similar. No challenge is too big for our experienced coders. 


Access to our marketing team

As you found us, your customers will find you. Since 1992 we’ve created a blueprint of successful marketing methods, old school integrated with the latest technology, we’ve tried them all. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t. We have spent the time and money to figure them out so you don’t have to, you can simply jump onboard the blueprints to success.


24/7 dedicated Customer Support

Having a reliable team is probably the starting point of all achievements. At Kent Coders, we pride ourselves with the quality of our staff, which is available for you 24/7/365, we are always here when you need us.

Quality of service

Project management and transparency

The moment you got your Kent Coders Franchise, you get access to all our resources; we introduce you to your dedicated project manager and create your own account in our ERP system. From there you can add projects to be dealt with and you can always track the status of every project and task you’ve created.

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